Grrr html probs

could someone please tell me why this isn’t working on Netscape??? i tried this on netscape 6, as usual it works just fine on IE.

Happy Xmas

I use Netscape 7.0 and IE 6 SP1 and I see no difference between the two of them.

really? on netscrap 6 nothing displays, just a bunch of grey lines. i wonder what’s up with it… i’ll download 7 and see what happens. thx.


No problem.

I had them both opened at the same time and went back and forth between the two, and saw very minor differences, such as the thickness of borders being like 1px off from eachother, but that is common.

Im on IE6 and i c a bunch of boxes. Is there supposed to be text or anything?

It is just a layout for now.

Yea it’s just a layout… thx for checking it out. I downloaded Netscape 7 and it looks as it should. I dunno what the heck’s up w. Netscape 6.

Happy Xmas!!! <:}

Netscape 6 blew big time…

At least with 7, most things work…

And I’m a NS fan… I just can’t stand to use it most of the time, because the sites just don’t work…

very frustrating on both ends, designer & user…