Today the German team said Lens lehmann will be the German ygoal keeper in the world cup 2006, Thsi pisses em off so much hes rubbish Oliver Kahn shoud go in.I feel liek crying, this is how passinote i am about me team.

When don’t you?


Probely will, Im so mad i cant spell.

I’m sorry:*(

Sorry to hear that, Seb. Team Germany is doomed… doomed I tells ya’!

kahn is an awesome goalie

kahn was awesome but he far from his best now and few stuff ups lately has not helped his cause.

Lens lehmann is a great goalkeeper (i hate him because he plays for Arsenal though, GO MAN.U!) and has done very well for Arsenal all these years, especially with Arsenal just recently beating Real Mardrid and Juventus and did not concede a goal, that was pretty much the seeling point for Klinsmann.

Kahn is his former self ever since World Cup 2002. He usually lets in stupid goals. I am backing Jens because of his form for Arsenal, especially seeing how Arsenal kept clean sheets consistently in Champions League. It’s a credit to him. Though I would choose neither (go Buffon!!)

United v Arsenal on Sunday people, I am backing Cesc against Portsmouth.

lol, too bad seb:)
but i’m supporting argentina since our country would never be able to join the world cup.

yea why not…all u do is whine…come on lets see u crying for a change? :trout: :trout: :trout:

You never can spell, anyway.
C’mon, Seb. Everything you’ve posted in random recently has contained something along the lines of ‘I feel like crying’.


Kahn is way past his best. He’s old he has to give up the number 1 shirt sooner or later, and his form is awful, even the USA scored past him ;).

Jens has played well enough to deserve the place.

Crying seems a bit much when a Jens(who is in form and young) is replacing your grandpa kahn :wink: You should be happy, if gives Germany and outside chance of getting past the group stage now :wink:

Totally agree!!

Only thing about Lehmann is that he tends to lose his temper every now and then and as a result makes tonnes of sloppy mistakes :frowning: but I don’t think Germany will go far this time, last world cup they got the easiest run to the final ever they never played anyone decent until Brazil…and…well they thrashed you guys.

I’d back Holland, Brazil, Argentina, England, and Germany (dark hourse) to do well, also France and Italy will also be there but I don’t think either have that sparkle at the moment…I’d mention Spain but they never do well.

Wow, you must be mad a lot. Sure that kid on the video that went crazy because his game didn’t start fast enough wasn’t you ? :huh:

I really doubt making fun of him for it is going to help anything.

Sorry, couldn’t resist :smiley: But Seb, you should try not to let it get to you like that … and definitely not bring your anger to the boards.

help? who is helping :lol:

@unclesond : I thought that same thing, but i found out that kahn and lehmann are the same age [36].

@G: Glad you agree but where is Australias backing!!! … lol