World Cup Fever!

Ok I know this has nothing what so ever to do with flash :slight_smile: I’m just taking advantage of the “Random Title” I ovbiously haven’t a clue who thinks football/soccer sucks! but I just thought I had to bring the subject up :slight_smile: \r\rIt’s coming, I CAN FEEL IT! World Cup Fever! Once every four years, man that’s been a long wait…\rSome of you will hate it where as others will love it.\rI’m just wondering who people think will win it.\r\rPersonally I’ll go for France to win, and as always I fear Spain will be the under achievers considering their standards on the European scene.\rI wish I could run a book on it! but I can’t ovbiously.\rCome on people anyone who’s passionate about their sport, stake your claim…\rRoll on the world cup.\rSorry if this BORES the hell out of alot of you :slight_smile: it’s only once every 4 years and I love it :wink: \rCome on ENGLAND!!!

France wont win it, before they had something good a “united france” they had a mixture of races in their team, after the electoral mess they are in the country is in a state, the french are very into politics, so they wont win.\r\rENGLANDDD!!! However, will also not win, which is a shame, although, I will still be supporting my country!! COME OONNNN!!!\r\r\rWORLD CUP FEVER IS HERE!!!

I dunno what I did to my flash in the image about, lol!!! Anyway, I changed to a plain image!

Yep! we gotta get behind ENGLAND, and I still think France could do it.\rI’ve also gotta funny feeling that this post wont get many comments. I don’t think there are many footy fans around kir’s board.\rWorld cup fever is still coming though :wink:

Ah well, looks like its just us two discussing the finer points of football.\r\rWhat team do you support?

I wouldn’t like to say really, I know you’ll slate me…\rMUFC forever. I’m guessing your a blue nose, or a gooner, or the villa?\rPlease don’t slate me too bad :wink:

Awwwww man, I am disapointed.\r\rI support Villa :smiley:

I thought you may be a villan, just a lucky guess :wink: ok we’ll keep it going right through the tournament!\rWho are you putting your money on then?

too bad I can’t be of much input…I never really was a big fan of soccer (or Football for you Europeans hehe). I’ll definitely catch the game on TV though; it’s a crime not to watch one of the best games of the year in the most popular game in the world :slight_smile: \r\rCheers!\rKirupa

Nicely put Kirupa. Surely there are more footy fans around these boards? Never mind some of us love it :slight_smile:

Man, I am disapointed, I dont believe more people arent as addicted to the world cup as I am!!!

and me! you would have thought the great game would have pulled a crowd in! I’m shocked at the small turn out, we wont even have enough of us to get a game of five a side :frowning:

I love soccer (sorry I live in the US). Its one of my favorite sports, but I don’t have the time to follow the World Cup action. I play Fifa 2002 for Playstation 2.

don’t worry jubba, I’ll keep you posted on how the US do :wink:

Nah, I don’t give a rats ass about the US team. They suck. I’d go for England, my roommate wants to see Japan win…

I’ve just handed in a request to have the day off for the England v Argentina game. Well, it’s 12.30 on a Friday, there’s not much chance of my getting any work done anyway, so why not enjoy the game from the comfort of my lounge, with snacks in one hand and alcohol in the other?\r\rAnd before anyone asks which team I support, it’s my beloved Gillingham. :slight_smile: No Premiership glory hunting for me!

Personaly I hate American football… but European football rocks. You got to have respect for a game where the fans are more dangerous than the players. It’s why I like Soccer (realfootball) Hockey, and Rugby. Every other sport is pretty much for chumps who like a lot of rules and to argue them over very fatty foods.

There was a very interesting programme on the BBC over the weekend about football hooligans, and surprise surprise, most of it was about Millwall fans…\r\rHopefully all the Americans will understand this one. :smiley:

not I… but I don’t follow sports beyond the skull crackin

That’s what Millwall fans do.