"*So I’m a happy Gmail user only about two days. I’m now getting very tired of typing my username and password just to check mail. It’s also very hard to maintain a browser window dedicated just for mail. That’s when I decided to write GTray. *

I wrote this for my personal use, but if you want it, you can have it. I’m just not responsible for anything this software does incorrectly to your system. I have no documentation for it, no support, nothing, if it works enjoy, if not email me and if I have time, I might fix it."


Its currently a toolbar item, and you click on it to login (with an nice login window). After you login, clicking on it will open gmail. The number is the amount of new mails in the inbox.

hm… neat… i’d use it… but… is it spy free? =(

sounds spyware free to me anyway :slight_smile:

Can wait for this also: