Saddam Hussein Caught?

I just saw on the news that the American Army might have captured Saddam Hussein, the former dictator of Iraq.

It still has to be confirmed by the American Government though.

Just thought I’d mention this :slight_smile:

Maybe your right ahmed, who knows whether it is really him.

And McGiver is right, there are a lot of people who hate americans. But that’s another media conflict, you won’t see iraqis on the us tv swearing at the us. So believe us or don’t :slight_smile:

I think it really is him - they waited for DNA results before actually making this public. Phil, he looks like a wizard from Lord of the Rings :wink:

But its still i dont know. Weard

Like Hitler killed him self. That was good and brave.

Saddam ?= NO why dint you kill your self :upset:

but Im also sad because he was also a bad person to hide and not brave enugh to kill him self.

but hmm :-\

and yes its HIM I`m 100% sure its him.

I don’t know that much about DNA stuff. But don’t you have to have a little piece of skin, hair or saliva to check this?
So what I’m asking myself is, whether Saddam gave the US some saliva some time ago, so they can now double check that it is really him…

I saw the press conference as well, but I didn’t know that Iraqi journalists are actually real black…

*Originally posted by datapimp *
**The guy killed…no not killed worse then killed, he raped, tortured and brutally murdered 1 million people and you think they need a court to decided if he should be killed? He needs to be taken out and shot without a second notice. :thumb:

Where the heck do you get that ‘bush sucks’ he just held true to capture one of the most wanted men on the world and you say he sucks? :h:

-Data :sketchy: **

He raped 1 million people?!?!?
Maaaaaan, no wonder he didn’t have time to shave… :smiley:

haha, you didn’t understand him correctly, he raped half of the people he actually murdered…

raping one million people isn’t that much.
let’s suggest he had 30 years time for that, and raped 4 people an hour, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year…
wow that would make
1051200 people he raped.

You see, it isn’t that absurd… :wink:

not to forget, he ate puppies and used Microsoft products

pffff, it’s nice that they got him, but it is not nice when you look into the future to the election…

  1. I pretend that there are weapons of mass destruction in Irak with the help of my allies
  2. I invade Irak and get the glory because there is almost no casualties and my troops are in Baghdad really soon
  3. Okay, I do struggle because I hadn’t expected guerrilla warfare
  4. (In the meantime I allow american companies to do all the reconstruciton in irak at 10x the price i could get elsewhere)
  5. Saddam if found - everybody is happy, I’ll get reelected - the war is over send the troops home…

Now… may I ask… Where are the weapons of mass destruction ?

hehe, yes, it is so anoying :slight_smile: Who is it anyways ?

no, this question is not allowed… Don’t dare to ask it again…

now get rid of that avatar pic, it conphuses me.

It’s supposed to :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

so who is it ?

Very good points mlk. Weapons of mass destruction… pffft…

I somehow remember you different Phil … Did you ear candys from this factory or ? …

there are a lot more hating bush and the usa, then people who hate saddam. There are only few who iraqis believing that the USA freed Iraq from “the cruel regime of saddam hussein”

Obviously you haven’t seen scientific polls by Zogby and Gallup coming out of Iraq. In the north and the south, that statement is ridiculuous, and even in the polls in the so-called Sunni triangle, many more people knew someone killed by Saddam than they knew someone killed by the coalition.

I also can’t believe I just read someone who puts “the cruel regime of saddam hussein” in quotes, as if that’s some sort of questionable statement.

Tell that to over a million dead in the Iran / Iraq war. Tell that to thousands of Kurds who had chemical weapons raining down on their villages. Tell that to the Kuwaitis. Tell that to all the people in the mass graves and the women who were the victims of professional rapists who Saddam employes.

“the cruel regime of saddam hussein” written in quotes, good Lord, that’s incredible.