Guess the Invisibles

Anyone ever go to this website and take the challenge? I wonder how they do it myself.

2/8 :-/

5/8…generally happy :slight_smile:

Great minds think alike 2/8.

Although I think I just mistyped a few.

Oh lordy

1 out of 8 :stuck_out_tongue:

Were you addressing me or thor?

Only got 3 across the whole site, bleh!

oh well, at least i got tron.

Eh! I only know like one! I looked back at some old ones and I couldnt get some from movies Ive seen a million times. How sad. I suck at this. :stuck_out_tongue:

I realised I knew another one and tried again, I got 6/8 this time :slight_smile:

I didn’t know 1 + 4 (so I didn’t enter anything for them)

ehhh I have no idea what movies those are


I also only got 2. I never watch movies though, so it’s not so bad.

Your score:
2 out of 8



pretty good photoshoppin out there !

4 out of 8 here. But only on the newest one. I got 0s and 1s on all the others I tried. :frowning:

and fools seldom differ. 2/8 here.

i got 3/8

man! Im the worst! :frowning:

BerkoWitz, does this mean I’m the best then :wink: