Guess who now has the domain

That’s right! Panama finally allowed non-locals to register domains with the .pa extension, and I got a few days ago.

Now, whether I use it or not for the main site is a different story. I need to find a US domain registrar that supports .pa that I can transfer this domain to. This registrar will also need to support 2FA and other measures to prevent the domain from falling into the wrong hands. Both Godaddy and Google Domains don’t support it, and I haven’t spent more time looking through it.

This might be a domain I just keep unused like the dozen or so other kirupa variations I have registered over the years.



That’s actually really cool!

Sure… next minute… the forum has a bitcoin live feed, quick bank account setup options and the url re-directs to :laughing:

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Time to pick up and let the extortion money roll in :female_detective: