GUI/Flash Designer needed

I am the head designer for AdaptiveProductions/AdaptiveHost. AdaptiveHost is a web hosting company and AdaptiveProductions is a partner company created to handle all of the design needs of people who sign up with AdaptiveHost. We always seem to have more projects on the board than I alone can handle so I am in the process of creating a team to handle them more efficiently. I already have someone who has signed on to work with JavaScript, PHP, MySQL and all the programs we offer to our customers at AdaptiveHost. I need two more people, someone who is very good at making Graphic User Interfaces (GUI’s) and another who is very good at Flash. We charge a certain amount per project, and that money is split up between the team working on it, with only a very small portion going back into the company. We have our own website (, which still needs development) and our own forums ( completely free courtesy of AdaptiveHost. This is a great way to build a portfolio or see if you have what it takes to meet a client’s needs and get paid!! If you are interested please send me an email and any work you have to show off.

[email protected]
[email protected]

LOL looks like 2A v3 :wink:

yes we know :pir:

where did the site go :puzzled:

What site? Adaptive Productions has a webspace, forums, and email accounts but hasnt had a full site designed yet. Adaptive Host is at What was on there before was one of my Flash projects that was inspired by 2A v3.