Haha, pretty funny technical difficulty

you know how the worst computer error you could get is not turning on? well, my little problem is not turning off. i’ll tell my computer to shutdown, but when it does for that millisecond or so, it turns right back on. i thought it was windows being retarded as usual, but i traced it all the way to my motherboard. i even bought a new powersupply for Christ’s sake and that didn’t work. now i dunno whether to have the motherboard replaced while it’s still under warranty, or to just keep it the way it is and have to fully turn off my computer through the switch on the power supply.

what os r u using?

windows XP, but i know it’s not windows since i can’t turn it off even from the bootup screen.

might be the switch? like… it’s shorted or something…? try a new case :beam:

case has nothing to do with it ahmed…;)…i think theres something wrong with ur motherboard…shortcircuit somewhere?

try your bios in the power management section it might be a problem there :wink:

try a big magnet…

maybe it will turn off then…



i don’t think bios can stop shutting down…

well if you have your lan card enabled to turn on your pc when ti has activity your pc will turn on everytime it recieves data throught the ethernet card theres a few things the bios can do and also check out the power management options in windows

yea…maybe…hardware can probably be the most likely chance

yeah…checked the power management, checked the LAN for wake-on-lan…checked the case, i’m gonna try reflashing (no pun intended) the bios.

heh! I never turn mine off! A lil restart every once in a while…

*Originally posted by Syko *
**heh! I never turn mine off! A lil restart every once in a while… **

well, yours <i> is </i> the village’s only computer hooked up to the web, isn’t it?

does your connection go down when the horses get tired?



He’s in Estonia… I thought he’d be techy enough to use horses…

my bad…


The mules get tired every once in a while but I can handle it! When they do I switch it over to the hamsters!

this problem may also be because i turned off my computer a total of maybe 4 times during college…i needed this thing more than i thought i would!

Remeber each piece of hardware and try shutting and down and seeing if it works. I am thinking that it may have to do with the power supply. When I installed a 1394 PCI card a year ago, the computer did the exact same thing.

If all else fails, you can format your computer :slight_smile:

Kirupa :stuck_out_tongue:

yea, software might be the solution too, but less likely, kirupa is right, take out some hardware (after you unplug the computer), leave only the video card in, and then boot up and try to shut down, some of your stuff might not work because of the missing pieces, but always installable later.

This is not a hadware problem. I repeat not a hardware problem. It is a problem with XP. I know for a fact casue the first 2 times i had XP installed it did this. Now on my third install wiht the exact same machine and settings windows properly shuts down. It has some thing to do with the power and security settings. I dont know exactly what needs to be changed but i know it has some thing to do with that.

I went down the same hardware road and it was jsut a big waste of time and money. Play around with your settings and if that downa’t work a clean install of windows did the trick for me.

That could also be true, I’ve seen that when I was playing with XP a while back, goto Start->Control Panel->Power Options

Under Power Button: Make sure it’s seelected as Shut Down

I know theres other places to change other properties. I’ll dig them up for you when I have time, thanks sinthax