Half finished game -- Blast Attack

I’m not really posting this for help, mainly because I have many more projects on my plate than this game, I’m really posting it for reference for anyone that wants it. This was a school project I had to do at the end of last year, we had a week and a half to create a game. Normally the class allowed a month period to create the game, so unfortunately I didn’t have nearly enough time to finish building all the functionality within the game.

The game is supposed to play similar to Bubble Bobble in terms of you shoot pieces at something, and once three are lined up they dissapear. Right now of course though there isn’t nearly close to any of that functionality.

What I do have implimented are as follows: menus including character selection, moving the characters at a certain interval including detection so the character can’t move past a certain point. It will display an multi dimensional array that pulls at random movie clips and puts those into the array. I also have a setInterval which calls a function that will shoot random pieces that are taken from the library at the array of MC’s. With that, there is very limited collision detection, the pieces when they hit the array will stop, and attach to the side of the array.

Hopefully someone will find this useful!

I also have all the prototypes for the character movement, building the array, and other such non sense if anyone wants those.

edit: Currently the only way you can get the pieces to shoot is by testing the scene with the space background. You cannot test movie and go through the menus, for some reason the setInterval to shoot pieces does not work if you use the menus.

The fla is here