Happy birthday Phil

Hey Phil… happy bday man… How old is the old man now?

Happy B’Day Philman…


Hey, wouldya look at that…


::: I really need to start checking that birthday thing now… I wonder how many peoples birthday I missed since I have been here since I only catch some because I happened to glance :::

Mine for example, was on Sunday! :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday to all of us Libras, I should’ve known Phil, this inborn sense of justice…simple the best, us libras!
…wait…are you still a libra? 22nd…? never mind, happy Bday anyway! :smiley:


Happy Birthday Phil!!!
So, when is the party, and are we all invited? =)

Kirupa :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, Happy Birthday to the World Dictator. Even if he is keeping quiet about his age… :slight_smile:

Happy birthday, philly boy!! Man, if I had known, I would have made a nice fla for you… :-\ Gimme some time…

pom :slight_smile:

OK, I tell you what: I’ve done something for the Actionscript.org open source contest (attention people, if you want to participate, hurry up, it’s till the end of the month…). So let’s say I give you my entry. If I win anything, I give it to you as a birthday present, and if I don’t win anything, well, too bad for both of us. Fair enough?

The swf is here: http://www.pomweb.cjb.net/try05.html

It’s hacked from something I found in Flash Math Creativity (from bit :P), crossed with something I did contest, and a tiny little thinggy I found in Flash MX game design demystified…

pom :cowboy:

I know, I know, it’s a grid, but I just can’t help it…(-: :crazy: :+)

And if you want me to change something, please tell me :slight_smile:

Sorry for missing your Birthday Eyezberg :frowning: I guess this will have to do :frowning:


Welcome to 40 Phil…

I turned 40 earlier this year… great party… Hawaiian music, leis, lots of pork…

Speaking of mounting a tire… don’t forget to wear protection…



conception day? ROFL!!! happy birthday none the less! :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday, have you hit the big 3 0 yet? :stuck_out_tongue:


Gratz pj! :stuck_out_tongue:

Scorpios rule.

Is that the real-one-and-only thoriphes back in here?
Where ya been?

Phil, still got a few years to catch up on your age…just a few…

eh, eyez, i’ve been around, just haven’t visited the forums lately. college’s started and everything’s just going ballistic for me.