Having music on tweaks other animations

Hey all - I’m hoping someone with some more experience than me has seen this before:

I have some animations that are timed out the way I like them. I then had to add an audio player. I put the clips into other swf files and my player calls them with loadMovieNum(clip,1);

What I noticed is when the clips are playing, the other animations are faster. When I turn the player off, they’re normal.

The main movie runs at 32 fps. When I first built the music swf’s, I had them at 12 fps which made everything chunky. I pushed them up to 32 fps and thought that fixed it until I looked at it closer tonight.

edit: I notice when I put the fps of the music swf’s down to 20-24, the main animations are closer to what they’re supposed to be speed-wise but look a bit chunkier :-/

Any ideas could help - thanks!