Having to refresh board

im a bit lost (and aggrivated ) as to why this happens, but everytime i log onto the message board i have to refresh every page i look at even if i just post or reply on them, i wont be able to see anything that has been posted since the last time i refreshes untill i do it again. anyone ever have this problem or know how to fix it? im sure its just some setting thats off but i cant figure out which one. may not matter if i dont pay my bill soon. btw does this footer work alright kirupa or is it slowing the board again? i changed hosts so im hoping its alright now

Hey asmodias,
The footer works fine. I believe your browser might be caching all the files on this board, and unless you press Refresh or Reload, the older version of this board gets displayed. You can turn of the caching Web pages if you are on a broadband connection.

just to show one of my many ignorances to technology, how do i know if im on a broadband connection or not and how do i turn off caching? i have a high speed cable connection thats about as far as my knowledge of my connection reaches

If you have a “high speed cable connection,” you have broadband.

As for the caching issue, what browser are you using?

just your basic internet explorer

im forced to cache since im on a 56k :frowning:

yes feel sorry for me and others like me… donations will be appreciated :wink: