Hello. ^_^

well well… im a newbie 'round here, but i promise you i dont act like one. :stuck_out_tongue:

around the mature anyway. when im around my peeps that a whole different story. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

im some what of a beginner with flash, i cant actionscript, but im trying to learn. ^.^
im also a ‘professional’ artist, i do anime style pictures and such… i have a site, its in my sig. :slight_smile:

well, ill be around.


always nice to see new faces. Especially if you’re interested in Flash.

Do check out the signature requirements though… I know people don’t like changing their sigs, but we have a tech forum going here so we try to keep the sigs small. If you can’t find any info on those requirements, just let me know and I’ll ask Kirupa.

PS… you’re art looks great… :slight_smile:

well, ill just try and remember to turn off my sig whenever i come around. ^^;;;

np… we’re pretty leanient… I haven’t seen anyone really yelled at about it.

Nice stuff aaron. Nice Stuff. It reminds me taht we don’t see much VTS anymore. Anybody heard anything about him ?
pom 0]

talk to him every day… :slight_smile:

same here…he is just too busy to come and post…with college and filming his homosexual **** movies…lol just playin Edwin :wink: