Hello, another quick problem

ok i have these buttons i’m working on, and i’m using telltarget to make mouse rollover and rollout effects. But how can i make it, so when i push something, that button slides in and stays, and when i hit another button, THAT button slides out, and a new one slides in?

not really sure wut you mean…can you be more clear and maybe someone will have an answer. show an example…having a button slide in then out and another one slide in…not all that clear ya know?

ok ummm… i have a box at the top, and the buttons at the bottom. When i click the “News” button i want news text to animate it’s way in the box. i have like 6 buttons, so when i click say “Contact” i want the news text in the box to animate out, and the contact text animate in the box after that. I can make it so they can animate in, but i cannot make it so the text that is currently in the box animates out, and the new one i just clicked animates in. I cannot find an example, but i think this is a little bit more clear.

thats clear…i understand now…the only way i can think of is with Tell Targets and movie clips. have a rollOver command and a tell target command on the buttons to have the text (thats in a Movie Clip) animate in, and a rollover command to animate out.\r\rI’m not sure if theres another way to do this. someone else might have an idea.

um, yes thats SORTA what i’m asking, i have my movie doing that right now. but what i want to do is make the text that is currently in the box animate out once i click on something, and the thing i clicked animates in… it’s more complicated than rollover and rollout

You can load different movies in different levels, or simply use a flag : if you press button number 6, set _root.flag = 6 ; Then when you’ll pres another button, test all the possibilities :

 if (_root.marker == 1) {\r\r   tellTarget("firstclip")  {\r\r      gotoAndPlay ("out")  ;\r\r   }\r\r}

or something like that.\rpom 0]