Hello Kirupa or anyone who could answer my question

Hello Kirupa

 I want to find out if I can somehow put tables that could organize my Information. Also I want to know what did you use to create your web site? Like for example did you use Front Page program only or something self too?

Hey drjulio2001,
You can use tables to organize information. Could you be a little bit more specific on what type of information and how you want the information to be organized. I use FrontPage exclusively for creating the pages in this site.

Hey Kirupa

   I want to use tables for my Web Site. My Web Site isn't done jet because I haven't even started. But I want to know how to use tables the way you use them. I Thank You Very Much!

Trial and error is the best way. I know you don’t want to hear it, but there really is not correct way to use tables. As you continue using tables, you will become better. The most common method is by practicing with tables by using the Tables icon and experimenting and choosing the method that works best for you.


Hello Kirupa

 So I could used the tables anyway I want to right? Can you show a example if you can? Please.  Thank you for your time.