Help a noob... again

sry… last time i posted it was rather late and i guess i mistyped it…

anyways, i was reading the guide on kirupa on making a full flash website, and i tried making my own but when i test it, the external swf files didnt load… there were no errors… it just didnt load. Does this have somthing to do with the code? or is it something to do with how i set the place to load


Your loading a movie gallery.swf into this movie correct? Well the movie contents was not initialized. In other words you didn’t give the MovieClip of type “Contents” the name contents.

I went ahead and fixed it for you. Now all you need to do is put gallery.swf in the same directory as the movie and all should be good. That having been said. The movie is going to load over your menu. Just as an FYI.


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