Help and experience needed with flash build

This is such a great website and I’d like to say hello to everyone with this first post.

I’ve been asked to help a friend out with building a full flash site I agreed since he brought me a pint but now i realise that was foolish! lol.

Basically the site, ( needs to be done pretty much fully in flash to get the effect the client is after since they love how fluid this site is ([URL=“”] The site currently is done with pages with flash movies in them so there is no smooth transition between pages, another issue there is are the amount of images needing to be used and they all need to remain as high quality as possible.

I just need some advise for starters on how best to go about this project since I have about a week to get it done! eek. And after reading some of the tutorials on this site i realise how little I know about flash!

This is what needs to happen…

  • They wanted a flash intro where the background flowers grow out and all the gold border, logo and picture fade in etc. how is best to get smooth effect of the floral bits growing like there is on this site ( when you click on a link or at the top and how to keep the file size to a minimum?

  • once that has done it’s job it needs to fade gracefully into the next page where the floral pattern needs to remain in the background (possibly could add movement to this but maybe I’m out my depth a bit as it is?) and we find the scrolling menu, in this menu is it possible to have it scroll like it does and still have the buttons on it if it was loaded externally?

and so I can go on but I guess it’s pretty obvious what needs doing as it’s pretty rough as it is at the moment especially in the english classics section when you select a product and the rest of them darken - any better ideas or suggestions for that please feel free.

Also how much of the site should be done in flash since I am guessing the main section needs to be done in flash so it can have smooth transition when a link is pressed… I’m assuming from the tutorials I have read so far it will be best to do this using as many external .swf’s as possible so they can all take care loading themselves in but will then be a way to has a transition effect to a page from another if they are in different swf’s? (don’t know if that makes sense but it’s pretty late so I apologise).

Hope some one can offer advise and help me out as I don’t want to let my friend down and I would really like to learn flash properly as well.