Organizing Webs

Hi Kirupa. Thanks for the great book. I have a question about working with Frontpage Webs. I’ve created a Web at my server that now includes a website I’m working on for work as well as my own website. Its all in the same web. I should probably move the work-website into its own Frontpage Web so its easy to move onto a new server when its done. But how can I copy WEBs or How can I move some of the files/folders into one Web and other rest into another? Can Frontpage webs be copied into a new subweb?
Thanks for the help,

Hey JoshuaTree,
You can import the Web as a folder into your current Web. Usually, you can use the Folders view to copy and paste folders just like you would copy files and folders in your hard drive. If you have any Web-specific information such as shared borders, simply copying the HTML file will not work. You may need to create another Web and import the contents of this Web into the new web. From there, you can remove unwanted files and modify your Web from there.