Help! Application Structure

I’ve done a few full applications in flash, but I always come away thinking I could have done things more elegantly. So I’ve come across this problem with my current one, and I’d like to know if my structure is in order before I get too far ahead. Here is what I have so far:

root main movie - has navigation and a container mc to load external mc’s.
text display - basic mc that has a header, text field and buttons to scroll text field.
slide show - loads xml, creates text slides, has buttons for scrolling and previous/next page.

Now, for the text display, which I’d like to use multiple times anywhere in the app, should I be doing the loadVars inside that external mc or in the root movie when a button is clicked? I have done so in the past, but to make it more dynamic, I have to save the name of the text file like on the root timeline or something. I’d like to be able to load the text file in the root movie and then load the external mc into the container and then shove the data in there. But no text shows. Race condition?

I’ve tried using attachMovie with the mc in the library, but that didn’t work either(whole other story) I’ve also tried the movieClipLoader, but the onClipLoad had no affect.

So I guess my real question is, am I approaching my apps correctly? Should each external mc be able to run on its own? And cause the root to save vars that the external mc’s need in order to process data…

Sorry so long…any thoughts?