Help building a simple checkbox form, explained

Hello everyone,
I posted this question the other day, but after re-reading it decided to try and re-write it to be more specific. I am trying to build a form that will work within flash on a series of IF/THEN statements. I am not well versed in actionscript, so any assistance to this end would be greatly appreciated.

I was given a grid that contained a set of features and a set of items. Example, fuel economy and towing capacity are features found on automobiles. I need to create a form with check boxes that will give a response based on which checkboxes are selected. Example: If someone wants good fuel economy and speed, the form would say that a car would be best, where as if someone wanted a lot of storage space, the ability to go off road, and towing capability, the form would say a truck. Also, based on the choices, I would like to be able to list the other options that were available, in this case, SUV and MiniVan. I don’t have access to a database program so I want to keep this all internal in Flash is possible.

The sample form is available here: Download FLA

The sample grid is available here: Download Grid

Thanks again for any help you can give me on this project, Jeremiah :huh: