Help finding lost instance name

I have a client who wants me to edit a templatemonster template. :tired:

I’m attempting to edit a photo gallery within the template so that it can be updated through an xml file. The problem is that the file is (in my opinion) so strangley put together that I can’t figure out what the template author has done.

The code on the gallery thumbnails is:

on (release) {
if (_root.pic == true) {
if (_root.f<>1) {
_root.f = 1;;;
} else if (_root.pic == false) {

I cannot find _root.f or _root.pic anywhere. I have searched through all the actionscript with no luck. Is there a way to run a search for instance names. Or any other method you can think of to help me make sense of this file?

Thanks for any advise or input!