Help! i lost my creativity!

I am trying to design and create a site (completely in flash) for my friends, in a gaming clan for RogueSpear. I am completely lost. I’m just trying to design the layout, and i have no ideas! nothing, or at least, I have some ideas, but I can’t do them on a computer, because I need to draw them out, and i can’t draw on my computer. I need one of those intuos pads…but I don’t have 200-300 dollars to drop on one of those…

I can draw, i actually think i’m pretty good, heres the link to some of my artwork but i can’t do this on the computer without one of those pads…and if I use my scanner, then the image doesn’t come out clear…Photoshop isn’t any help, becasue its a computer program and of course, like any other computer program it has its limitations. oh well, i’m ranting…sorry for wasting your time!

Nice pictures Jubba. Btw, the name angelfire rings a bell… Anywhere I may have seen your work ???
Concerning your loss of creativity, it’s totally normal. The same thing happened to me, and I was very very frustrated by that vector design of Flash. Not the way I draw either. Well, in time, it starts to be a little bt easier…
And concerning Photoshop, I won’t let you say anything about that software, since I have the worse scanner in the world, and it litterally saves all my scans. What are you trying to do with it anyway ?

pom 0]

i didn’t mean to bad mouth photoshop! lol its an amazing program. I love it. its not photoshop thats the problem, and my scanner is very good, its just the scan quality in general isn’t as good as i want it to be. i want one of those indous pads cuz they are nuts. vts did his site using that, and all of his art that i have seen he’s done thru the computer, and its amazing…i would love to have one of those…but i go to a state school, i pay insurance on 3 cars, none of which i can actually have on campus for my freshman year. so i don’t have enough money to drop 200-300, or 720 for the one that i really want…

The Wacom, is only 69.99, I believe for the base model. Comes with Painter clasic program. It’s a great deal… and it’s what both Vts and I use for all of our drawing.

As for drawing block… we all get it now and again…

Do you like nature?, achitecture?, food?
Take what ever inspires you normaly, and spend a couple of quiet hours induldging in it. That always helps me.

You don’t need to spend money to get it back; Try all of the suggestions above, save buying a new program, and try these out as well.

  1. Although I assume your underwear is always clean when you try to design, add this dimension as well; Add double the measure of Downy Mountain Fabric Softner to your laundry that contains your underwear, foundations, or panties.
    This is important, thus number 1. A fresher you is a more invigorated designer you.

  2. Rid yourself of all anger and bitterness against anyone you might be harbouring it. This is a major distraction and impedes creativity.

  3. Watch a minimum of 3 epsiodes of Seinfeld & 5 episodes of the Simpsons. Seeing someone elses creativity in their natural environment always helps you rediscover yours in your own natural environment.

  4. Resist the temptation to view **** pages, it only distracts and minimizes your creativity.

  5. Watch the Movie, the princess Bride a minimum of 5 times. I have noticed that those who are well versed in this movie always have increased creativity bio-rythyms.

  6. Cease from all felonious activity. It creates a major distraction to your creativity and impedes growth.

Try this and save yourself some money. THIS WILL WORK! Do not scoff at it, for it is the path of enlightened Flashtivity.

Yours truly,

Thanks for the advice. I will get it back eventually. And its not that i want to buy something to help get it back. I want one of those wamcoms, so when I do get my creativity back, then I can make full use of it before i lose it again.

Oh, and wuts the obsession w/ TPB? I mean, I realize its a great movie, and very funny, but why are you soooo obsessed with it?

I thought we explained that… the answers to all of lifes questions can be found in it. :wink:

Not all lifes questions can be found in that movie…not once does it ever talk about the light in the fridge and whether or not it stays on when you close the door…

Of course it did. Don’t you remember? Twas the Pit of Despair. Meaning=The light stays on! The Turkey talks to the butter, which in turn talk to the Hen, which cry foul when it sees it eggs…And thats not to mention what the Cow said; They taunt each other when the fridge door closes. It is fridergator hell when the door closes, just more emotional and pscyhological abuse. The U.S. Phederal Government did study in 1968 and found the fridge light stays on and this horrible after-liphe abuse on the animal level takes place.

who does indeed believe that everything you need to know in liphe, is in the princess bride. Those lips of hers, she was most astonishly beautiphul…And did we not phind those breasts of hers described as perphect??? Hmmmmmm??

Though I must admit that if you can’t find it in the movie, it’s actually in the book. Having read that more times than having seen the movie, I sometimes cloud the two together.

I think though, that the point is really that you can find the answer to any question that is worth asking.

Theres a book too?! And you have it?! and you’ve read it!? More than once!?! lol j/k…nah I actually bought it last night. DVD on sale. And I’m going to study when I get back to school!

Not Jubba mentioned school…
Do you think it has a pool?..



Yes there are actually two books, the second is a 20th aniversary, and it’s a little longer because it contains chapter one of the long lost “Buttercup’s baby” in it.

I’ve read the story probebly 6 times now. I always find something new in it… I like novels like that.

Something new everytime?
I have seen the Princess Bride in excess of 40 times. Never read the book though. But, as Uppy has pointed out, I have found something new every single time I see the movie. Whoever did this movie, playright, whatever, was a genious, and is absolutely and in all other ways ‘inconcievable’… (Said with a strong sicilian morphed and dwarphed lisph.) ar ar ar :rollin:

I believe all thing needphul in liphe are phound in the Princess Bride. I do.

I’ve been suffering from a artistic block as well. It has been ailing me for the past month. I still haven’t gone to the ultimate cure (you know, drinking and smoking)… I’m trying to rid myself of dependency on both.

Is there something in the air? Did I use up all my creative/artistic rations?

Is that possible??

don’t go to drinking and smoking, unless the drink is french, and distilled from grapes, and the smoke is indian, and wacky to behold.