I feel completely uninspired

I don’t know what funk I’m in… certainly has made me a surely bastard at times. My appologies if I offended anyone. :slight_smile:

Truth is… I sat in front of Flash today for hours, Bjork blasting through my cordless headphones… jacked up on coffee, and free time to burn.

But I’m stumped. I need to fix the errors on my site, but I’ve made the @%^#ing thing so complex - and my notes are not perfect - and now I don’t know where to start.


grumble grumble

anyway… I’ve been uninspired these past two weeks and it’s been a real drag.

anyone have any ideas? keeping in mind that I just got back from vacation and it didn’t help at all.

I know exactly where you are coming from. I am in that same funk. Which is why I decided to take a break from learning Flash (not to mention me getting ideas that my abilities wouldn’t allow me to carry out started to frustrate me).

I also can’t get ideas in Photoshop, Javascript, or any of the other things I work on.

Maybe its the weather :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe… typicaly I like this weather.

we’ll see. I’ve got a trip to the Aderondak (sp?) coming up soon too… and still 2 weeks of vaca I’ve got to use before the end of the year.

Sounds nice. I noticed the sig change too:)

I so need to finish my flash version. Oh wait, I scrapped that one due to lack of inspiration and interest. Crap, I have to start a new one again, hopefully one that I actually like. ARGH!!!

I like to change my sig, title, and location pretty regularly.

technicaly that whole “Flash” song was taller than 60 pixels too… nice thing about this forum though… when you change your sig it changes all the sigs you’ve had in any post. Ezboard doesn’t do that. causes dead links when you end up clearing things off of your server.

Yeah that is a good point. I like the fact that it updates all your posts with the new info also.

I tend to keep the same thing. I have enough trouble thinking up a sig and title that I keep them for a while because I don’t feel like thinking up another one.

I know ow you feel Upu. So what kind of ideas are you looking for?

I feel for you david! I just got hired (well a week and a half ago) to revamp a site… crappy HTML thing, they want lots of flash interaction and the want to increase the size of the site by ten fold (adding online catalogue with 100’s of things in it). Plus it is for like bounce house things, and climbing walls for parties and malls and such so it needs to be kinda childish, and playful but still professional - which is a style I havent yet really touched. They are willing to pay through the nose for it so I really want to produce something great… but my ideas and inspiration have hit a huge roadblock!! grrrrrrr


Sounds like a really fun project to tackle though. I think everyone in general is in a funk. World happenings and all it’s expected. Be happy your working though. :slight_smile:

As for what I’m looking for POM and others… well I’m not sure I guess.

I think I need a muse. Anyone know where I can get a little red headed one for relatively cheap. :slight_smile:

I guess I’m just trying to be sociable because I can’t work. :slight_smile:

There actually used to be a member here by the name “muse” I found it incredibly ironic because when I helped her out and gave her a few actionscript tips she called it “betacode 101” and I was like “THAT TITLE IS PERFECT FOR WHEN I GET MY TUTORIALS UP ON MY SITE!!!”

So I asked her if I could use it and she said yes:)

I haven’t seen her post other than that question I helped her on though.

that’s a muse for ya. :slight_smile:

If only she still posted, I am sure she could help you out :slight_smile:

nah… what I really need from a muse constitutes as prostitution


Wow david, I never knew you could be so bluntly honest.

Wait, I forgot who I was talking about here :stuck_out_tongue:

David, you crack me up!

Is this funk going around because apparently I have it too. I don’t even have any motivation to reply to any posts. Speaking of which - check out my posts total! How shameful is that? I wanted to reply to the forum addiction thread, but not with that sorry post count… I am terribly addicted to the forum, I pull it up on my browser countless times every hour, but I don’t have the post count to show for it.

I know that feeling all too well. It’s that I-want-to-create-something-cool-and-I-know-how-to-create-it-yet-when-I-start-Flash-I-can’t-seem-to-want-to-work-on-it-because-I-just-had-another-idea-that-for-something-cooler-that-I-am-not-going-to-bother-with-because-I-won’t-finish-that-either feeling C:-)

Yeah, often times people get burned out from doing something they like. The wanting to do something they’ve done for the past several years seems to suddenly vanish and they try to fill the void the created with something else. Yet, whatever they try to replace Flash with, can’t seem to satisfy them quite like Flash. So most of the days are spent simply staring at an emtpy Flash workspace and hoping something will automatically materialize on screen.

You stop your favorite tv show because you had a great Flash idea, and yet when you get in front of Flash, you find that it was a stupid idea that just ate into your TV time =)

I have this problem often, but you read a good Flash MX book or see something cool someone else did…pretty soon the interest you had in Flash returns. The cool smilies don’t hurt either :cyclops: :ninja: :evil: :hat:

Kirupa :goatee:

well put kirupa!..

the smiley part that is C:-) I:-) :hat: :cowboy: :crazy:

really though, this funk seems to be contagious… could we have found the first electronically transmitted biological virus??? :stuck_out_tongue:


I know what you mean…

I recently went throught the same funk, for about a month…

the only way I could get out of it, was not professional, but social…

I found that by going to places I would normally not find inspiration, I would find people who inspired me…

bars, meetings, conferences, live music, spoken word…

All I had to do was become aware of what they were describing…

it seemed to jell…

Oh, well, it worked for me…


Good ideas all…

I have been getting out. Hopefuly that will help.