Help Me!

I have a very weird problem, u need time and patience to understand it, It will take long for me to explain that properly,so sit back and concentrate, lets see if u can solve this :eye:
I m developing a CBT package and i have to explain 7 forms in it,forms are pretty long so i sub divided for 1 into 2 parts A and B
my fla files are

  1. interface.fla @ _level5
    (a menu from where i want to explain some perticular field for example i want to explain 2nd field on for 1, i will use that menu and browse thru)at the end of this file i have loaded form1 file in the normal timeline.

  2. formload1a.fla (explaining half of form 1) level1

  3. formload1b.fla (explaining other half) level1

i m trying to unload form 1 and play a field from form 2 and then again i want to be able to load any movie and play any field i want to… thru the menu

i m able to get to a certain field and play and that is working as i can hear the voices, but i cant view it as one of the movie is on top of the other.
code i m using on buttons is
on (release) {
stopAllSounds ();

i have tried different variations like loading those forms at differen level and all but noting worked out,

can i load and unload an swf file at same level and play a sepcific field?can i load and unload an swf file at same level and play a sepcific field?

i hope u guys help me out here, i u can email me with yr great suggestions


Don’t post this in Best Of.

I meant don’t post your questions in the Best of Kirupa forum…

Alrite i got it, wont post it here again.
Where shud i post my problems then?
i guess i ll figureout myself, but seriously m8
i m new here and really lost at times.