Strange Problem

I have a very weird problem, u need time and patience to understand it, It will take long for me to explain that properly,so sit back and concentrate, lets see if u can solve this :eye:
I m developing a CBT package and i have to explain 7 forms in it,forms are pretty long so i sub divided for 1 into 2 parts A and B
my fla files are

  1. interface.fla _level5
    (a menu from where i want to explain some perticular field for example i want to explain 2nd field on for 1, i will use that menu and browse thru)at the end of this file i have loaded form1 file in the normal timeline.

  2. formload1a.fla (explaining half of form 1) level1

  3. formload1b.fla (explaining other half) level1

i m trying to unload form 1 and play a field from form 2 and then again i want to be able to load any movie and play any field i want to… thru the menu

i m able to get to a certain field and play and that is working as i can hear the voices, but i cant view it as one of the movie is on top of the other.
code i m using on buttons is
on (release) {
stopAllSounds ();

i have tried different variations like loading those forms at differen level and all but noting worked out.

can i load and unload an swf file at same level and play a sepcific field?can i load and unload an swf file at same level and play a sepcific field?

know i m missing something, but wat???

thanx ppl :bounce:

Yes you can load and unload an swf file with the same level.

If you have may buttons in your menu, all you have to do is add this code into each of your button to load a different swf file.

loadmovie(β€œadd the url of the movie to be loaded here”, β€œadd the level of the movie to be loaded”)

Since you swf have the same levels, the other swf will that is loaded will automatically unload it self.

:beam: Hope it helped