Help ! Mpeg 4!

Well, I am new here but am old on
Just dropped in to see if any1 can help me…

HELP ! I’ve got these loads of animations a friend of mine sent me all made in 3DMAX. He used some sorta encoder to export the animations into MPEG form. But, the problem is that the video does not seem to work at all ! I tried using mplayer2, media player 7, real player 8 and quicktime. All of them give the same problem : " More files required to run the program " OR " Codec not available " . Then, I downloaded the latest codecs and installed and still no difference.

Quicktime says it can play mpeg4’s but tried and it gives the same error. Does anyone know of any good player that can play almost anything ?

P.S BTW, these animations have already been played and are working on mplayer2 but in that same friend’s house. He’s got windows 2000 as OS and I’ve got 98. I checked upon with another system with the same OS but still doesnt work. So if it could be the OS, What could it possible be ???



Go there and DL the latest Divx 5 Codecs, I an guessing thats what it is encoded in. DivX is what most people use to encode large Vid files, it has a pretty nice compression rate. =) You should be able to get by with the basic (free) download, Divx Pro, is only if you are going to be doing a lot of heavy encoding. =) Let us know if this works for you.


Edit: BTW: Media Player 7 has a problem playing some Divx 5 content, if you install the Divx codes and play the movie in MP 7 and it shows green boxes, or garbled video, try playing the file with the Divx Alpha player (comes with Divx 5) or backing down to Media Player 6.4. I had to back down to MP 6.4 on my system because MP 7 was messing up the video.