Help on Flash special characters

[FONT=Lucida Grande]Hi, i need the help of some flash guru… these last weeks we were working with to build a community website… the interface is awesome etc etc however we in Malta have eight special characters (GCZ with a dot on top of them and an H with a second strikethrough). Those at cloversites wrestled with the problem, they could see the characters on their computers but when they entered the text in the site, flash couldn’t render the special characters. Here is their message:

I am extremely sorry about this, but we were unable to add in your characters. We attempted to add them into our software but they did not work. We worked on it all morning and realized that we need an extra add-on for our keyboards. Adding special characters is nothing new to us and have answered this request for many of our international users. For some reason, the Maltese characters did not work in our sites. For example, our “option-G” is the copyright symbol so it will need to be transferred over to international characters.

Unfortunately, this has to do with Adobe’s software Flash CS3. The software allowed me to embed the characters, but we were unable to render them on the web. Which led us to think it had to do with the version Adobe is running and its inability to render the text through its software on the web. None of the characters worked on the web, and it looks like its just an Adobe bug. So we are able to type and use the Maltese characters, but Adobe Flash is having trouble with them.

Does anybody know of any possible solution? [/FONT]