Help on Loading and Reloading sequences

Hey, how are you doin man. Hey, I need some help here. Okay, first of all, I want to make a thing to tell that the movie is loading. Now your information on this page helped a little bit, but I’m startin from scratch. Could you please tell me how I would make a loading page and then right when it’s finished loading the actual movie, a button shows up for you to click and start the movie.

And the next question I have is at the end of the movie, I want to put a restart button on there. Could you please tell me how that would work.

Oh, and one more quick question. Is there anyway that I can cut the sound down a bit(not the volume, but the actual music because the song is longer than my flash movie and then when it repeats, it overlaps the same song and it sounds really messed up).

If I confused you in anyway, I’m really sorry, but I really need this help. Please help me out. Thanks alot and Peace Out!

im assuming you are talking about flash 5 right?
ok to add a button at the end that, when clicked, replays the movie, simply add a button in a new layer on the last frame of the movie. right click on the button and choose action or properties>action. then choose: “go to” and make sure that down the bottom in the options, in the “frame” field, frame 1 is entered there. ( it does it by default, but just check it). Theres one question answered.

For the sound problem, you need to change the properties of the music.
It’s always a good idea to have sounds on a different layer to the graphics. Click on the layer or the frame where the mucis is, and then go to “window > panels > sound” to make sure that the sound properties tool box is displayed on your screen ( default position is on the right hand side near the bottom ). From the “Sync” field, choose “Stream” (short for streaming).
This way, the sound only plays for however many frames you have it shown for, in the timeline. If you choose “event” then the sound doesnt stop playing untill it is finished, no matter what. To make sure that the sound only plays until the rest of the movie is finished, click and drag the last frame of the sound layer, and drag it back so that it is in line with the rest of the layers of the movie, ie so that it ends on the same frame as the rest of the movie.

Hope that helps you out.
I’ll go and take some screen shots for you, to illustrate what i am saying.

Here you go: