!HELP! portfolio problemo! (external SWF loading, conflicting tweens}

[SIZE=“1”]hey! sorry to be a hump…should have posted my problems earlier…
i’ve gotten pretty far already with stalkin` and learning from other peoples posts
on kirupa.com and gotoandlearn.com (thanks!)…

for the past 2 months i’ve been trying to setup my portfolio page with my work…
so i can i try to get a design job in tokyoto stay with the gf

//trace (“sappy international love story”);:link:

but i finally ran into a dinger that’s been kickin` me in the face for the past few days…:crying:

what i have:

left side:
[]buttons looped randomly in a “rain” like motion in a for loop…
]the button is a single movieClip with multiple frames inside that hold a different button…
so with a Math.ceil (Math.random … etc) function… it picks a different button to throw in the for loop…
[]i’m using a hitTEST method to pass the press event to load the pic with the button…because the main button MC on the timeline also has it’s own onPress…onRollOver etc events…[/COLOR]
right side:
]container resizing to display my work…similar to senoc’s tutorial on the photo gallery…
but with added tweens…[/COLOR]

ok i’ll just list the problems:
[*]this as an external SWF movie…won’t load on my main page…

[*]i tried to switch the _root’s…to this…or this._parent…but it’s not working properly

[*]i’m afraid my onEnterFrames are conflicting and it’s causing this stutter in the animation

[*]it’s either that…or my FUSE doTween setup is conflicting…where the tweens
in the for loop…and the tweens in the resizeMe and loadPic prototypes are fighting each other…

[*]i suck at XML…and i saw so many versions of this in different threads as an XML photo gallery…but when i loaded it on the mainPage…errors pop up in the output window…[/SIZE][/COLOR]

can someone look through my code/file and school me on how to better pass code…my targeting…and how to use MovieClipLoader effectively? i’d just like to be cleaner and more efficient with my flash process…because i’m a design nerd…and a complete freak about efficiency…:sen:

plus i just want to start seeing some results and hosting this bad boy so i can have something to show! :rambo:[/SIZE]

here’s the file! http://www.superpowerups.com/myFLA/myRainTestUpload2.fla

hope someone can enlighten me like SCOTTY and SENOCULAR does…
like it’s christmas on an episode on FAMILY MATTERS!