I am bad at this…well not really. I need to know how to get the movie i made on the websire using html. The Name Is NavBar.html How do i get it to work?

Press F12. Look at the code, copy it and paste it in your page.\r\rpom 0]

That dosen’t help!

What do you mean ? That it doesn’t work ? Or that it isn’t what you want ?\rpom 0]

Well, i put the html into the webpage, but it never loads.

What do you mean it doesn’t load ? Another possibility : Press F12, open the sources of teh pae generated by Flash and your own page, and then copy your NavBar.html HTML code into the page generated by Flash. \r\rpom 0]

…I mean it dosen’t load. Can you give me a guide of what do to to publish it right from the start?

I mean it dosen’t load
I can go on longer than you can : What do you mean it won’t load. Anyway, here’s a tutorial on how to quickly publish your animation :\r1.Open your fla.\r2.Press F12\r3.That’s it, you have an HTML page containing your animation.\rpom 0]

I got it, I tried that publish thing in the basics section. I’m no newbie to Flash, it just that it’s the first time i put one on the web, Thanks alot!

Sorry if I seemed hard. It’s 3 in the morning here, and I’m dead tired.\r\rGood luck with Flash !\rpom 0]

Did you upload the swf file?