Help! rotation/layer problem?

I have posted helps all over the Internet and have yet to have someone respond to me. Maybe what I’m trying to do is impossible??? Ok…here’s my problem…I have a wheel that can spin when the user selects that option. The user will select to put 2 coordinates on this wheel, they will drag these coordinates to where they need them on the wheel and spin the wheel to get them aligned as necessary. This is no problem, I just put the “dots” and the wheel in the same layer to make them spin with it. The problem arises when the user puts a horizontal and vertical line on the wheel. I need these lines to come up “HORIZONTAL” and “VERTICAL” in the center of the wheel when they are first put on it. Then they need to spin with the wheel when the user selects this option. I have tried to set the lines to a set x,y coordinate, but I found out that those coordinates are spinning with the wheel, so that option is out. I have these lines in the same layer as the wheel so that they can spin with the wheel when needed…However, now…if you spin the wheel before you make the lines visible, they appear diagonal when shown. You can be able to drag the lines to where you want them and they should be able to spin in that same position with the wheel. There is also a reset button that should let the user start from scratch with the “straight” lines. I have attached a copy of the swf…it’s easier to understand when you see it. Please let me know if you have any ideas or questions.
shotglass :slight_smile:

Is this what you were looking for?

Hmm… I am suddenly unable to post a small zip file. Interesting. Well… let me know your email address and I will send it to you.

In the meantime… here’s the recipe:

1 mc of a circle named “circle”
2 instances of a line mc named “line1” for the horz and “line2” for vertical.
4 buttons. Labels are spin circle,align horz, align, vert, spin lines.

the mc of the circle and lines have a keyframe on frame 1, a keyframe on frame2 which leads to a motion tween that rotates clockwise 1 time. All these movies have a stop action on frame 1. The last frame has an action to gotoandPlay(2); (creates the loops)

1st button


2nd button


3rd button


4th button


Note: your centers or registration points must all be the same (all of mine are in the center). When the property _x is used, it lines up with the registration point of the object.

I hope this helped.