Help! SharedObject not working online!

Hi there.

I have a Flash movie that loads in outside swfs. i.e. index.swf will call in a window called pictures.swf and so on.

When a user successfully logs in on the outside swf, this calls a global function on the main timeline that updates the sharedobject with the users username.

This works absolutely fine when tested inside Flash. flush() definitely works (have checked the folders where the *.sol is stored) and everything works as it is supposed to. When uploaded to the web, nothing happens on refresh. No sharedobjects are stored which makes me think that flush() isn’t working. Other test sharedobject flash files work correctly, it’s just this one which makes me think that there is an issue of a global function being called by an outside swf to set a data property within a main timeline. But then, why does it work locally?

I’m probably being the worst dimwit in the world, but all help would be appreciated! :slight_smile: