Help w/ movie clips and scenes

ok, i feel really dumb asking this cuz i feel somehow that there’s a really simple solution, but i’m stuck… so here we go…

i’m making a picture album site for a buncha friends and i have it set up where u have multiple scenes for different categories of pictures. I made a movie clip for loading the pictures, which includes forward and back buttons for navi thru the pics, but when I load the whole movie, the buttons don’t even show up. any suggestions?

Can you post an fla? I’m not sure what you really mean, which buttons are you talking about?

don’t use scenes…

Just create an mc with the buttons and categories etc inside it and add the AS.

I used the photo gallery written by sbeener I found here on this site. The only reason I used scenes is because I have many dif pages and I find scenes a lot easier to use than frames in that case. Could that be the problem tho? Thanks SO much for all your help!