I need lot of help about a menu

I made my menu in my flash anim as a movie clip and i inserted it in my flash.
But when i use the button of my menu for change the scene in my main animation, it don’t work.
It seems that i should use the tell target action but i don’t know how can anyone help me please ?
I do it :
on (release) {
tellTarget ("_level0") {
gotoAndPlay (“partie1”, “1”);
where partie1 is the name of the scene I want to go.

Actually, if you just write :
on (press) {
gotoAndStop (“partie1”, 1);
It works. Actually I don’t know what you could telltarget (_root doesn’t seem to work).


Sorry, that’s totally wrong. It only works if it’s a simple button, but when you put it in a MC, it won’t do.
Sorry about that. But that’s a question a lot of people are asking, maybe some tough guy should look it up.


Where’s Kirupa when you need him, her, well, er. Hmmmm
I have heard that if you tap your heels together three times and whistle into the wind an animation of Kirupa will appear to answer your question. Is it true?


Yeah the first reply don’t work, nobody knows how i can make it works ?


on (press) {
_root.gotoAndStop (“partie1”, 1);

Doesn’t work either. You know what ? Forget about scenes, it sucks. Try and learn how to load movies inside your main movie. It’s much better because you don’t make somebody download your whole site at once, and there’s much more flexibility than with scenes. There’s a very good post about that from Aikam1, and a couple running now. If that’s not enough, Upuaut claims he’s the loadMovie grand master so in last resort don’t hesitate to ask him directly, I know he hates that.


Hmm why not but i’m not sure it will work with me. I want to make a CD for school and it is ready, i just need to make my menu work if kirupa or anybody should help me it would be very appreciate thanks.

But aren’t movie clips sceneless? Last time I checked, movie clips go in to the library and are constants no matter what - if you duplicate a movie clip in to Scene 2 and change it there, those changes will effect the movie clip of the same name in Scene 1.

But I might be wrong - I’ve never tried using scenes in movie clips before.

that’s possibel, Liveacoustic, cos nothing seems to work so well.
Gmb, what you can do it put your menu on a layer, without including it in an MC. Copy it and paste in place it in all your scenes, then it will be here all the time. But no dragging, no hiding, no nothing after that.


I am having the same problem with a button in a movie clip. it is part of a drop down menu, and the sub-menu buttons don’t work they don’t let you go to the scene designated.

If you have anymore thoughts let me know please



Okay, next time i will but what about this time :smiley: :smiley:


Mind giving us all a small tutorial of how to only load movies and not use scenes? Ya know, basics…yadayadayada.
How about it?


…and I think I am.

Have you tried not telling it which scene to go to? I’m pretty sure that movie clips are above scenes.

I know that in one project I was working on just a while ago I used a movie clip in one scene, then copied and pasted that movie clip in to the next scene. At this point I neglected the rule of “think then act” and edited the movie clip in that scene which, of course, changed the movie clip in the other scene. I had to fix this by appointing each movie clip as seperate movie clips (in other words, had to hit F8 for both of them.)

I guess you’re right, but actually that’s a good thing since you want your menu to be the same in all you movie.
About that loading movie thing, there’s a very good tutorial here :
You’ll want to load into target, as they say it, because… it’s much BETTER !!
If you have any problem, but I don’t think you will, just ask.