Help with buttons

Well I’ve been studdying flash for 10 hours now, I have a little animation, and a preloader, and I’ve learned a little action script.
I’m attepmting to make a small, but clean looking web site for my upcoming comp biz. I have been trying for 2 hours now to make a successfull button… all I want is buttons<and my web site> to have a drop down menu to choose from and things pop up, kinda like this one…

click on the button that says “View sample site”

I’m always on icq at 6033753, and I’ll check in here once in a while, if somone could talk to me on icq and walk me through 1 working button or give me a few toturals, thanks


complex buttons need to be movieClips rather than straightUp buttons…

>>>HERE is the stock MacroM’s tutorial<<<

check this out … hope it helps

good link RelandR.

You may also want to try working on a regular-ol’ button first to
get the hang of it’s properties and behaviors.

It says flash5, but it works the same in MX. :slight_smile:

Also, you’re going to be notified by a moderator about your footer
size, so I figure I’d let you know myself it will have to be changed. The footer restrictions are 300x60, and you can view
the whole list of requirements here:

These are both for flash 5, the one I need is the drop down menue one, but I can’t follow it, cause flashmx doesn’t have the commands it want’s me to use…or at least I can’t find them…


You can use things meant for 5 in MX…
…just not necessarily the other way round,


The only important difference that I can think if is that the instance name in MX is put in the “properties” window. In 5.0 there is a “Instance” panel under menu options Window/Panel/Instance.

everything else should be pretty much the same.