Help with cutouts?


i’m trying to create a 3d version of a 2d logo with swift but am having some problems.

the logo consists of a square with the letters ‘red’ cut out of it. the letters ‘box’ are continued outside of the square. i’ve tried to exclude the letters, rasterize them and create outlines but the result after i’ve imported them just isn’t professional enough looking… some areas seem hollow’ish’!!! also, there are no bevel, sizing etc. options, just layout and environment. why is this?

i’ve mucked around using the text IN swift and have seen how brilliant the results are. i really want to get this logo thing to work but it’s doing my head in at this stage… any info appreciated!


i think you’ll nee to use the extrusion manager it will take a whil to perfect but i think thats the only way you can do it
~flash weasel

I believe the folks from electric rain would be the first to tell you that they don’t really play in that game. Try importing artwork from Illustrator. The best answer is to go with a true 3d modeling program. There are plenty out there…

Good luck!