Very basic swift 3d problems

dear all,
i am a new user of swift 3d & was wondering if anyone would be able to answer a couple of queries i have re using it.

first problem is that i have published a page with a logo produced in swift 3d @ the logo is ok but i need to slow the rotation down without making it appear ‘jerky’ or inserting additional frames which would increase the file size (i think). is there another way of ding this.

also i am trying to recreate the logo with the small text underneath removed. when i amend this in illustrator & import into swift the circles in the logo becomes hexagonal & the word icon becomes blocky as well. cant understand this because all i’m doing is removing that bit of text at the bottom.

thanks in advance for you help

well for your first problem… no. not going to happen unless you do what you dont want to do. How do you make it slower without causing it to be more jerky? Add more frames. Thats about it.

as for your other problem, I can’t say I know whats going on there. The only thing you’re changing in illustrator is removing the text? And that changes the quality in import?

thanks for reply. hopefully when i can remove the small text that will trade off the increase in file size inserting more frames will cause.

yes i’m just opening the original .ai logo file, removing the text & resaving the amended version. i then import into swift as i did when creating the original one & it imports is as some kind of stone age, flinstones version.

i’ve not been able to find anything at all relating to this in the help info. i thought it may just be a visual glitch in swift so i exported it to flash & it still has the same blocky look in there.

thanks again for your help

you might want to try saving as a different file type and importing it other than through .ai - that MIGHT help. If you’re having problems going to Flash from that too, then it seems like its just illustrator acting wonky. Maybe if you tweak the geometry just a little (a little node movement here, a little scaling there) - something not noticable, but something that may make illustrator rethink the geometry, you may (or may not) have some luck with it.

thanks again, i’ll try that when i get home & let you know if its worked.
appreciate your time