Help with gallery tutorial

Hello everybody,

Very new to this forum, and to flash design as well! Reading some of the really helpful tutorials written on this site. I was busy with one of them, using xml and flash to create a portfolio (

I was trying to apply to concept and the code to a different layout, but the images simply won’t show. I changed the code a bit to use (sub)elements as opposed to attributes. Shouldn’t make a big difference as I also adjusted how to find the correct info in the actionscript.
At the moment I’m only trying to get some thumbnails (they’re not the right size atm, but that shouldn’t make a difference) to show with a title and description when you roll over the image with the mouse.

I’ve attached my .xml and .fla, i would really appreciate if somebody could take a quick look at it, i think it’s just a matter of something being overlooked, but i can’t seem to find it! Many thanks in advance!

kind regards, Frederik