Help with hotspots, captions, and other fun stuff

Hello Kirupans!

I’m working on an online component for a Christmas card mailer that a client of mine is developing. Basically it’s a Christmas card that goes out to all of their vendors and customers. The card itself is a panoramic photo-collage of the whole team having a Christmas party. See figure 1 for an example.

Figure 1.
The client would like to see the image have clickable hotspots so that you can click on a person in the photo and have a little quote or thought come up next to them. I created a little mockup to help get the idea across (figure 2).

Figure 2.**[/SIZE]

The Flash element will be around 800x400 and is placed in the center of an HTML page. Obviously, since the image is panoramic, scrolling is involved. We used a basic image-scroller tutorial found here on Kirupa (uses AS 2.0). Now we need to add a couple of functions.

**That’s where you loyal Kirupans come in!

**Three things need to happen when a person is clicked on:[LIST=1]
[]The area around them needs to darken. This can be done using a pre-sized transparency gradient, doesn’t need to be too dynamic.
]A note card with dynamic text needs to appear (either by fading in or by sliding in).
[*]The movie needs to be waiting for another click to transition out the note card and bring the lights back up.[/LIST]I might have bitten off more than I can chew, but any pointers sure would be appreciated!

Thank you all in advance!