Help with music

Hi I was wondering if someone would be able to help me out. I am making a flash site with music playing in the background, I have made a music player which has stop/play buttons etc. the music is in a movie clip and is set to stream, the buttons use play() and stop() commands to control the music. This is all working. I want to continue playing the music this way, I do not want to use linkage to play the music.

I am externally loading in all my swfs, so the music player is loaded in, then once a certain button is clicked it loads in a swf with a video in it, at the monent i have the sound turning off once the video is loaded, and it turns back on once the video swf is closed, so I was wondering if I could turn the music back on or off depending on wether the user has already stopped it.

At the moment if the user stops the music and then views the video the music will come back on once they leave that page.

So I would really appreciate it if someone could help. Also if there is a way to fade the music in and out with actionscript that would be good to know.