Help with reversing entire movies

hey, is there a way you can reverse or rewind an animation without actually going through and reversing stuff manually? Because that would take ages (there are alot of scenes).
Is there some way to do this by selecting an entire scene and reversing it using action script?

hey there,

I don’t understand what do u mean exactly…do you want a button that onClick(ing) will take you to the first frame and play the animation all over again??? or do u want the animation to play backwards after it has already completed its sequence??

hey, thanks for replying,
yeah I want it to play backwards after it has already completed its sequence, sorry for expressing myself badly

hey there, no problem about the reply only sorry i did not have a solution…

I have no knowledge of an action script that does the work you specify because i am not an action scripter just yet it will take me some time to be as good as the guys here… but the way i currently reverse the animation is that i copy the frames and paste them in an empty frame and i rtclick on the first frame of the pasted frames and select reverse frames…till now thats all i know hehe this works for individual scenes only…I hope this is the answer to your question…

this might help:

thanks for the help=)

no problem