Playing movies in reverse

ok…i have a movie that plays when a user rolls over a line of text. i want that movie to playback in reverse from whatever frame it was on when the user rolled off of it until it’s back to the beginning again. i found a tutorial at:…lover.html but
it describes how to do it with buttons and it looked pretty complicated but i thought i could figure it out. i understand how he does it to the buttons with a single layer being tweened (check out the site to see what i’m talking about). well, i highlighted all of my frames and pasted them further along in the movie so that they started on frame 51, one frame after where the movie playing normally stops (frame 50). then i highlighted them all and clicked reverse frames but it screws everything up, mainly any and all tweens i had.
so, is this a dead end or is there a way around it?
PLEASE HELP! thank you!

the best way of doing this is to copy the frames into a movie clip, dup them and reverse them… however if you absolutely had to do this to your main time line, I would do something like this.

First frame of your movie put the action script code:

In the beginning frame of the animation section you want to reverse put in the actionscript code:

Then in each and every frame after that until you reach the end of the section you want to play in reverse, you put the code:


Then on the last frame of the section you want to run in reverse you put the code:


I believe that should work… if not write back and I’ll take a look at the code on my computer.
Hope it helped
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the problem isn’t really with the action scripting as it is about the reversing of the already existing frames. i did not make this in the main timeline. the animation has its own movie. in this movie i copied and pasted all of the frames and layers i have now and pasted them right after the end of the first half of the movie. when i highlight these frames and click reverse, no matter if i select all of the layers and the frames to be reversed or just one layer, it screws up all the motion tweens i have. so i removed the tweens and then reversed them and it still screwed it up. is there an easier way to do this?

upuaut8’s script will actually make the movie play backward, honest.

the script is checking every frame to see whether flag is true, and if it is, it goes to the previous frame, ie plays backward.

btw upuaut8, for a boolean test (true or false), just naming the variable is sufficient: if(flag){…

flag will evaluate to true or false all on its own.

cool… even less to type. :slight_smile:

You are correct in that the reverse frames function does in fact screw up tweens. If you use it on frame by frame stuff it works pretty well… but for some reason it just doesn’t cut it with tweens.

I’d suggest my method. If you don’t understand it… tell me and I’ll send you a little example. :slight_smile:

i don’t know if u r trying to reverse an swf or a simple movie clip. i checked the attached website and that type of actions is usually a simple movie clip which has two tweens. the first tween has a mask which exposes the text and the second tween moves the mask back away, hidding it. or u can just mess around with alpha.

but i am diverging. u simply put a stop after each tween and on(rollOver)

now if u are dealing with swf files and trying to reverse i have no idea i came into that problem trying to create preloaders, but i found a way around it