I have a movie with 1 layer, 23 frames, real simple. I need the movie to play through, wait a while, then play backwards. I have been having trouble making this work, much thanks.

I’m not sure that this is the way, but maybe you can copy paste the frames from your layer, into a new layer, and place them after your first frameset.
At the end of layer1 you put an action, go to and play the last frame of layer2.
And in layer2 you put a go and play action, everytime one frame back. Till the first used frame of layer2. And on that first frame, you place, a go to and play action towards frame 1.
And so you get in a cycle, hope it helped you out…
I will look for better solutions!! cya soon

**Mini-Reverse Movie Tutorial:**

Step 1:
If you want our movie to delay about 20 frames after the animation then just add half of those frames to the following layer. In other words make a new layer with 33 blank frames.

Step 2:
Add an empty movie clip to the new layer you just made so that it is present in frames 1-33. Select the movie clip and bring up the actions panel and paste this code.

onClipEvent (load) {
//set frame pointer to the max frames of the
//root timeline

onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
//If statement that will be executed
//once 'movie_finish' proves 'true'
if (movie_finish) {
     //set the root timeline on to be 
     //the value of the frame pointer
     //decrement the frame pointer
     //check bounds: after finishing the 
     //reverse animation, start at the last frame 
     //again so we can loop if not than erase the if statement
     if (framePointer <= 0) {
          framePointer = _root._totalframes;

Step 3:
On the last frame of he main layer you first started with add a keyframe on frame 33 and add this script:

movie_finish = true;