Here are samples of my work

Don’t expect much. I am very much still a novice. on the accident.swf you’ll have to press ctrl enter to continue past the stop point.

here is the link. warning - it is a 10 meg zip with 7 or 8 swf files.


You seem to have motion tweening down to a “T”.

Now how about we see some ACTIONSCRIPT…haha.

I loved your squad car movie, I found it highly comical :slight_smile: What person could outrun a car for that long…haha :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry, action script is COMPLETELY beyond me. I realize that I will eventually come to a point where I can go no further without using actionscript. Until then I’ll continue to produce without it.

Well actionscripted motion is like tweening, but it definitely cuts back on your file size and loading time. If you don’t want to learn AS in full, you should definitely look into learning this part of it.

Hey there,

I just looked through some of the .swfs you posted, very nice :). I’m glad you managed to convince your superiors that flash was the way to go… because it was :stuck_out_tongue:

As to your comment about actionscripting being “completely” beyond you, I really doubt that. If you’ve come this far in your tweens/other flash processes, I’m sure you can pick up some actionscripting. It doesn’t mean you have to be writing scripts 150 lines long, it just means that I’m sure you can do it if you start small, and grow in your knowledge of scripting like you did for flash.

Since you’re posting up on a flash resource site/forum, here is definately a good place to start if we can nudge you into it.

Anyways, good luck with all your future projects.

Uth :nerd:

That is soooo true uthar. My very first line of code was…

_x += 1 - this movies an object to the right 1 pixel per second (or something along those lines)

…and after a mere 2 months I was writing a 95 line code to create a Bezier curve without having to draw anything at all (Flash MX only).

You can view that Here

Here is a link for a great place to start with AS in Flash 5.

haha… yeah, everyone thinks a/s is beyond them in the beginning though. It’s a crazy thing to think that we can actually learn a programming language. It seems like something only genius’ are capable of. But what they say is true sir. If you stick around here, and do our tutorials, you will be action scripting in no time at all.

I can’t wait to see your files after the praise they’ve been getting from my peers here.

downloading now.

Lost>>I’m not trying to be an @$$ or anything, but I’d like to see your code, because 95 lines… Man, I’m sure it can be done in 15 (unless you coded the curve itself). I’m serious here: code optimization is almost as important as coding itself. The movie run faster, the code is nicer, and man! You can be proud when you do that!

pom :asian:

It is mainly 95 lines because I coded the textboxes and all the boxes in there too. When I try to learn something I go to the extreme. In this case I drew absolutely nothing on the screen because I was practicing createEmptyMovieClip and createTextBox and I was also practicing the curveTo() function. I also have comments in there which took up lines. You are right though, If it were just the curve in the AS and I hand drew the other things, my curve code would only be about 15-20 lines.

If you still want me to send you the code I would be more than happy to.

Some of your stuff is pretty cool :). I like it. I am with you I dont know actionscript but I know movement using actionscript and I am going to try to learn all of actionscript by buying a book soon. I suggest you do the same thing.

There is only so much stuff with flash you can do without knowing actionscript. Like a week ago I wanted to know how to make a scrolling menu and when you put ur mouse to the left it went left and when you put your mouse to the right it went right and it is all actionscript so I decided to look into learning actionscript it is a really usefull tool.

Good Luck
David :o

I took a course in C++ so it wasn’t too hard to learn basic script. Right now I’m coding a pretty simple game similar to shadowgate for the NES. tis taking a while though :frowning:

I will definitely post it when it’s done :smiley:

Hey Lost,
As you wish :slight_smile: I just think it is interesting to compare methods and see how to improve coding habits. Not that I’m the best coder in the world, but I think I can give you some tips :slight_smile:

pom :asian:


There is a link to an .html page with my source code. I am sure there are about a billion and one ways to optimize it, so have a ball.

Keep in mind I was doing it to learn the create clips and textboxes functions and the lineTo and curveTo, I wasn’t doing it for optimization or anything. So don’t laugh at me when you see how atrocious my code is…haha:P

PS: I took out the comments to take it down a few lines :slight_smile:

Hey, don’t worry, I don’t laugh at other people’s code [SIZE=1]well, sometimes I do…[/SIZE]. And that is pretty awesome for a ‘new’ flasher :slight_smile:

OK, so the first optimization you could make would be: USE PROTOTYPES!!! Or at least functions. Since you have to draw several squares, you could create a buildSquare prototype, with all the parameters you need.
createTextBox could also be useful.

I gave a few ideas for the buildsquare prototype in the API article in the AS tricks by the way.

(And I tested: 22 lines for the whole animation, without the text boxes :))

pom :asian:

Basically, this is how you could structure your code:

MovieClip.prototype.buildSquare=function (parameters){
    // do stuff
    // do stuff
_root.createEmptyMovieClip("borderLine", 1);
// etc...

pom :asian:

Thanks Ilyas. I will try to optimize it with prototypes as soon as I can. I was reading up on your tutorial and I think I know what I have to do, I just have to find time to be able to do it. I am a fast learner with this, so I should be able to get it, if not, I will just bug you:evil:

Also thanks for the “And that is pretty awesome for a ‘new’ flasher”, that means a lot coming from the great Ilyas:) Whether you like it or not, you’re a guru:P


There is the link to my new optimized code Ilyas. I used protoypes as much as I could. And I realized I used useless code for the text box formatting, so I took that out. I believe my code is now 83 lines long w/ the comments in there. That took over 10 lines of code out. Prototypes rock. Let me know if you see any other ways I could optimize the script.

Not bad! But why not go all the way with your buildSquare prototype?

MovieClip.prototype.buildSquare = function(x,y,colF,alphaF,thick,colC,alphaL,size) {
  this.lineTo(-50, 50);
  this.lineTo(50, 50);
  this.lineTo(50, -50);
  this.lineTo(-50, -50);

Then you can use this to draw any square you want, any size, any color. You see, the point in prototype methods is that you should be as general as possible so that you can use them the more you can.

pom :asian:

About the dragButtons method now :slight_smile:

MovieClip.prototype.dragButtons = function() {
  this.useHandCursor = false;
  this.onPress = startDrag();
  this.onRelease = stopDrag();

This is not tested, but it should work.


Wow, thanks Ilyas. I will test this out. Prototypes are so much like javascript functions. I should have been able to figure out that part to make dynamic squares. Sheesh, where was my head.