Attn: A.S. Guru's - Optimization test

hello everyone,
so…like i said, optimization test

ok, i am posting this .fla
reason being - i know VERY little actionscript and am trying to learn more from you GURU’S

this .fla contains virtually no AS - instead it contains long, unnecessary tweens and other bad sh*t . you will all laugh your asses off at the roundabout way i did this and ive prolly done so many things the wrong way (or the long way), but i would love to learn from my mistakes

my goal here is to get the same effect using MC’s and A.S.

any input would be greatly appreciated
take it as a challenge! test yourself! and help me at the same time lol


I don’t think it would be a good idea to do that with AS. It would be very long, and quite complicated I think. Well, it’s my opinion.

pom :asian: