Here goes nothin

Well my 16th b-day has passed so I decided to just go for it. I would like to compete for next week’s site of the week award, I’ve worked my butt off making this site just for this so I really hope you guys like it. If not, that’s fine but please comment so I know what should be done differently. Thank you all and notice that I alone did all the designing, not a team of 30 people. Thanks Kirupa!

(Some things, such as ncmg, schedule, and tricks have not been uploaded yet. NCMG stands for Nevada County Magician’s guild, and I’m not in charge of writing that section. Updates are done regularly, so check back! ):cyclops:

God I hate directvinternet! My deepest appologies if the site doesn’t load for 20 minutes (LOL) but my host is the shittiest host I’ve ever had in my life. Sometimes parts of the site load, and then other parts don’t! Just displays a “page connot be displayed crap” ! I called them yesterday because I’ve been getting complaints and here’s what the guys said! listen to this!

ME-" Hi, I just have a simple question, why doesn’t my site load when I have a dsl connection? is there a problem with your servers? my site’s url is

RETARD GUY-" Well your site appears to have motion graphics, also known as flash and we do not have any software that will allow it to work. Our servers are very primitive so it wont play at all. "

ME- " Ok, but then why does a 10k image take 8 minutes to load?"

RETARD GUY- "Well your image must be taking up a lot of space and I think our t1 lines can’t handle it. As I’ve said, our servers are very primitive.

I think you’ve all seen enough. NEVER EVER get directvinternet or their dsl package NEVER! I will do everything in my power to take them down along with their shitty service

sorry, I just had to post so it’ll come to the top, apparantly Kirupa hasn’t checked it out yet…

I don’t think Kirupa leaves a reply unless you are SOTW. So I doubt that he hasn’t checked it yet…


then again, it’s not the end of the week yet. You never know, it’s been my goal for 2 monthes and it’s way more complicated than some of the earlier SOTW awared sites.

THanks ren, I’m still working on it this minute. Thanks for the info, I’ll try to make it not blurry, I agree, flash a pain when it comes to small fonts. I tried playing the logo in the middle on the top… doen’st look right. I tried the other corner, still doesn’t look right. So I dont know whter to put it but without it, it seems kind of empty up there.

I tried that already and then it’s not as visible. Besides, that’s the way it’s on my business card already so it’d be kind of dumb to change it now. I should have made the site first.

I am not the authority of the Web, but since you seemed so eger to receive comments I will make you happy and try and give some constructive criticism. Generally I hate to participate in such a thing. I hate when people make negative comments on my work simply because its not their style or tehy do’t understand it. But after reading your posting I felt that if anything I want to help out.

Here it goes. There is alot of potential in yoru creation, all it needs is some fine tuning.

First of if I were you I would purchase my own domain and get a cheap hosting service if you plan to use this for your magic business.

Logo: I like the logo you have on yoru banner in the…its not as large and looks cleaner in the design, and does not have your face on it as it has on yoru site. If I were you I would use the forum banner logo you have and place that on your site inplace of your current one and make the logo smaller than it is now.

Background…I would make it smoother and less busy. This way your text will come out more.

Full window…my advice is stay away from it…some people liek it but I generally am bothered by it (this is more a personal prefernce I guess).

The main body of your flash site, the design element which your text sits on is beveled…I would unbevel it make it flat in the same style as your buttons are with the ouline and design the text a bit metter and perhaps make the text white if you plan on using such a dark bg color.

Other then that just keep things a bit cleaner overall…and try and stay away from bevels, they only work well in specific situations and then they have to be done really well…trust me i have done some things in photoshop, and they write books about how to do the perfect bevel with the correct lighting so it looks more natural.

Now I know this feedback is somewhat general but I believe with these few pointers you will come closer to your SOTW goal.

Good luck.

I agree with akurth