My Flash site!

Visit my site!! I put something on it that notices when people visit and no one ever comes :frowning: the site is

I update it maybe every week, too :slight_smile:

And, does anyone know where i can get pics of cartoon mouths? I want to animate stuff with sound and i want the characters’ mouths to move.

That was sweet of you.

Way to encourage somebody’s self-esteem.

Congratulations, you’re officially everything wrong with modern society.

(Note: Talking to Ste, of course.)

Ste has now and forever lost his ability to be seen as a human by anyone on this board from here on out. I thought the site was laid out well, however there is just too much dam orange on the homepage. But good job. Now, did you write the HTML yourself? or did you use the geocities editor? Keep working on the animations. They will get even better.

oh yeah, and for the mouths, try making your own mouths and then animating them. They usually come out better when you make them yourself. Good luck.

I’m confused about who’s the newbie here because only newbies type in ALL CAPS and have a questionable grasp of spelling and grammar!

Yea…That was a tad RUDE!!

I remember my first post on this board, and the answer I recieved was in no way like that. (it was a bit short, and sarcasticaly to the point)… But sometimes it’s hard to imagine/see body language via this medium.

Ste…Keep working on it you’ll get there, I remember my Flash 4 experiments. Phew…glad those days are over.

Hey RenaissanceGirl …My girls loved your Pony page! When’s it going to be finished?

yo Z, i think you’re a bit confused. Ste was the a-hole. The Magic kid was the one with the site.

I stand corrected!

Old age I tell ya!


lol NEtime

I’m going to move this over into the site check section in a day.

On, we don’t really put up with jackasses. The most offensive thing people on this board will say is constructive criticism, and almost everyone on the board punctuates properly.

This board is basically Utopia Online.

You can’t get away with throwing random insults at someone for no reason.

but he wasn’t a registered user, so he could just appear and then vanish. For all we know it could have been Pom. Well, it wasn’t, but it could have been anyone. I think that only registered user should be allowed to post here, however that would limit some people if they needed help and did not want to register. Oh well, in conclusion I feel that Ste should either:

  1. Pull his lip over his head, and swallow.

  2. Show us some of his work so we can critique it.


  1. Shut the @#%$ up!

Thanks Z! I will probably be working on it soon - there is an upcoming pony site contest which I intend on participating in. I am also working on another site: MLP World Wide - a site that brings local pony collectors together. I’m planning to redo that using flash and XML… if all goes well that is. I will probably ask for debugging help from this forum as the site is developed.

Thanks Jubby. I hope you didn’t mean that, because I don’t like it at all.

I’m pretty pissed of, to be honnest.

pom 0]

I deleted the post… that’s the end of it.

Just delete the whole @#%$ thread…

pom 0]

cool site dude but let me give ya a tip…not on the flash but on the html when you program a site site back and close dem eyeballs invision if you will something that engulfs peoples senses such as a theme a horror movie maybe? Or, even a happy scene now put that together so they transition well. Now when someone comes to your site think of what they would like to click on and what they want out of the theme from your site. You are roxin on the creation buddy but the layout is different hard to follow. Remember a website is only created over night by a team of robots humans have the creative process to dream apon!

lol… too true… listen to the Godfader… he know what he’s sayin. :wink:

I’ll move this over to site check now.