Heres a stupid question

Sorry to sound dumb but im doing a bit of freelance work at the moment as a graphic designer and a web designer (though my web design skills consist purely of some flash skills picked up here and from tutorials…and very little AS knowledge…But my clients dont know that!). Having read “the top 10 signs that you are charging too little for your work” and recognised most of them…

“Even though you work 80 hour weeks your income level qualifies you for welfare payments.”:blush:

…i am intrigued to know what i could/should be charging for flash work. I know thats like asking how long a piece of string is so i have included a few links to some of my completed projects and thought somebody else may be able to tell me what they think they are worth…all the work including graphics/illustrations/photos is pretty much my own or stock images. …i appreciate the input from people in a similar situation to myself. thanks guys.
and my site is