Hey Kir (and everybody else)

I was wondering : don’t you think it would be a good idea to keep all the flas provided by us when we help people with something ? I mean, a lot of questions do come back quite often, and the best of Kirupa forum can provide an explanation, but what I’m thinking of is a best of Kirupa’s fla.

I know there’s an open source section, but I don’t think it’s the same thing at all. Tell me what you think.

pom 0]

American MegaDittos!


uhmm…sure that sounds like a good idea

I hate dittos… but I will say ditto

Hey Pom,
I agree! I have seen a lot of great FLAs posted by you, upuaut, eyezberg, sinfiniti, and others that are great. I will create a section for storing all of the FLAs people post here on here :slight_smile:


Man, be indulgent… MegaDitto ?? WTH is that ?

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ditto is ENGLISH slang for “i agree” or “french people suck” or “we don’t like eating our croissants without red wine” or “…”

as always…j/k
i would assume that by “MegaDitto” that person meant he/she/it agreed heavily on what was said.

as long as we’re on language… I was thinking that it’s probebly not a good idea to use Kir. It means penis in one of the Arabic languages.

(I know this from a message board called KIR which I subscribe to. No I will not be looking for the thread to find out what language it is. :slight_smile: )

Sorry Kirupa, no harm intended. :smiley:

And Thor, thanks for your French-loving answer, but you must be aware that we don’t eat croissants with red wine, only with camembert. Ever tasted that ?? It’s a unique experience, really. :rollin:

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hehe, no harm taken :slight_smile:

see below (double post)

hm…if Kir = “penis”, i wonder what “upa” would mean…no harm intended, kirupa, just curiousity. and ilya, cammembert is white wine, non? i think i have tried it before. i never look at the label of the wines i drink. wine’s wine to me. but cammembert does ring a bell.

i thought it was cheese thor…

Yep, stinkiest cheese you can find, except maybe munster… Awfully goooooddd…

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munster? never mind! ps you made me hungry now!

might be interesting to look that up. :slight_smile:

I’d never even heard of that before! sounds nice :slight_smile:
pom can you send me some please…

I got your e-mail. Not a problem. I sent you a reply but it was returned Daemon. Send me an e-mail with your address and I will send you that reply. But don’t worry.


cheese…wine, they’re all the same.

um… No Thor… you’re just wrong on that one.

Stag’s Leap Merlot
Aged herbal Brei

That is not the same as Boonsfarm and Chedar. :wink: